Passionate about food?

Great. So was I. Until I asked myself: ´What am I passionate about?

Being passionate about food without having clear what I was actually passionate about, let me down into a rabbit hole of malnutrition, overweight and a wracked body.

In the name of being a ¨Foodie¨ and to top it of, being a Chef, gave me the perfect alibi and excuse to pollute my body with anything that looked good, had a name I could not pronounce and was somewhat exotic.

That included fancy cocktails, rare wines and Picasso like desserts. The bill came not long after: I felt thick, slow, tired, sick. A yellow feeling.

My body did not want to play along anymore. In the name of Foodism, I have perverted my gut, skin and body. Passionate about food?

No Madame, No Sir. Not a good enough question. What am I passionate about?

I am today passionate about how food feels like rather than chasing one mouth pleasure after the other. Spending my money, time and health energy in palaces of gluten, lactose, sugar and alcohol is no longer what I am passionate about.

In return, I feel better than ever. I am coexisting with my body, I have understood how to support and love my body.

After all, this ¨water bag¨ we call body is the only one we got. We might as well look after it as long as we are in its possession.