There is an old saying:

¨The doom of man (and woman) is that his punishment is too far away for him to act upon it now¨. Certainly this was my doom for the longest time of my life. Wether I was smoking, driving without a seatbelt, not wearing a helmet on my motorbike (back in my ¨immortal¨ teenage years) or consuming fatty, sugary and starchy foods.

 Not having my punishment served immediately as dessert after each reckless action, made me wonder: ¨Maybe I am getting away with it… all of it¨. As you can imagine, I did not get away with it. With any of those. I had health problems due to years of smoking, I hurt myself crashing, I got sick and heavy.

Few things hold true this doom that unconscious eating. The gradual ¨slow burn¨ of our health through unconscious and impulsive eating is one of the most procrastinated problems our generation faces.

This blog has been started by me to inspire, encourage and support you into a journey of intentional eating. It is a long, delicious and life changing journey that I am taking and invite you to witness my progress, findings, recipes and inspirations.

 It will serve you with tools, examples, tricks and hacks to gain autonomy over your own health through food. Hope to see you around here soon. 


Ronny Portulidis, Santa Catalina, Palma de Mallorca.