I am travelling frequently, having family spread out around the world keeps me moving often.

As much as I like to go visit other places, I do look forward to return to the island. One of the most challenging aspects of travelling, is keeping my balanced nutrition routine steady.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Brazilian feijoada, pan de queijo and quindim (a brazilian lime cake) everytime I am over at my sisters in Brasil for example. Or a good and hearty german Bratwurst from a food stall when visiting my parents in Germany with two handful of fries. Awesome. But that comes with a charge.

It taxes my health system with vitality points. It makes me feel heavy, bloated and eventually not optimal. And this is what this entry is about: Sharing with you what works for me to find the right foods for you, when you are away from home.

Here in Mallorca I know where to find my foods that are in line with my lifestyle. I have my kitchen, my restaurant, my farmer markets and my ingredients. None of them I can however pack in my luggage and carry with me to the whole wide world when travelling.

Once at my destination, the challenge is on by exposing myself to environments that are not
known to me. So what to do?

It is the first thing that gets challenged, starting already at the airport and on the airplane.
Although the food offer on most airports has become a little better, whats on offer onboard puts me back to the 80 ́s: bread, pasta, cheese and more bread. The farting concert among the 150+ passengers can start, loosen your seatbelt please.

This article is in fact inspired by two friends of mine, Mateo and Petro, who are currently walking the Camino de Santiago. A one month+ walk, changing places and environments every day. I hope they find value in this post and want to wish them through this way an enlightening
experience filled with adventure, clarity and growth.

Here what works for me when out of town:


  • Research before taking off: a few clicks in the internet can reveal useful informations on where to find organic stores, vegetarian or vegan Restaurants* and farmers markets.

*The Duke has been recently registered on  ̈Happy cow ̈ 

  • Nuts and fruits: A hand full of nuts or a mix of dry fruits and nuts (aka: Trail mix) can serve as healthy snack. Bananas are another staple in my backpack when travelling as well as energy bars (get the good ones that are sweetened with dates and not with sugar).
  • Here a few other foods that easy to pack for travelling:
    • Hardboiled eggs (I pack some salt and pepper in a small aluminium paper envelope that I make)
    • Boiled sweet potatoes (Cut in chunks and simply boiled, or pureed works too)
    • Avocados and Kiwis, easy to cut in half and spoon out.
  • Hardware:
    • Zipplock bags are awesome, open and close as you go. They can be washed out and reused.
    • If travelling by car, a Box cooler or shoulder Cooler is the way to go for me. Simply throw in a bag of ice cubes or ice gel packs on the bottom of the cooler to maintain the chill and off you go.
  • Bonus tip: Dark chocolate, Organic cookies and cupcakes are great little foods that suit well for travelling. You can stock up on those in your local organic store.

I hope this entry will help you to have more options now when the question arrises:
 "I have finally found a grip on healthy food habits and I don ́t know how to maintain this when I am away form home. HOW DO I DO IT?"

Thank you for your time reading this.

Ronny Portulidis