About us…

The Duke was never, is not and will never be about one thing only. It is not food only, not service only, not ambience only, not location only. It is about the forceless and playful balance of all those qualities that are all wrapped up and compressed in this “whole in the wall” on calle Soler 36. It seems like everyday, everything falls into place perfectly. 

We at the Duke consider ourselves to be privileged living on such a blessed island, in such a wonderful city and to be operating such a fantastic and dynamic Restaurant. There is no secret here on how we select, prepare and elaborate our food. No secret on how we take care of guests and no secrets on why we are consistently getting more and more popular among local residents and travellers alike.

Simple but not too simple is the approach that proofed to be working for us as well as the desire to serve well educated travelers from all over mother earth. Our products come from farmers we know, our meats from butchers who care, our fish from sustainable fishing areas in the Mediterranean and our wines from the finest bodegas in Spain. All selected and prepared under the supervision of Chef Ronny Portulidis from Greece Chef Jorge Esteve from Valencia, Spain.

Week by week, month by month and year by year since 2009 we are being discovered and spotted by culinary adventurers and gourmets alike. Quality never runs out of fashion they say, we are the proof.